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We strive to create all our ordinary peripherals, into something a bit less ordinary.


The Dymium 65 is Ordinary Lab's first entry into the keyboard space. The Dymium 65 features an aluminum chassis with a screwless design. The upper and lower frame are secured by robust magnets mounted on the bottom frame, allowing for interchangeability with the top frame. We went with a 65% layout with a rotary encoder.

  • Aluminum Chassis

    Featuring an anodized aluminum chassis, the Dymium 65 exudes quality and is built to last a lifetime.

  • Screwless Design

    We did away with the screws (sorta) and went with a secure magnetic upper and lower frame.

  • Gasket Mount Design

    Our "ordinary" gasket pads slot into the plate creating a very user friendly build experience.