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Ordinary Labs

Dymium 65

Dymium 65

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The Ordinary Labs Flagship keyboard - The Dymium 65

  • Dymium65 Features:

    • Case Material: Anodized Aluminum Top and bottom case. 
    • Sandblasted Weight
    • Mounting Style: Gasket Burger Mount
    • Plate Material: Aluminum, Polycarbonate
    • Typing Angle: 7 Degrees. Just enough angle without putting too much tension on the wrists
    • PCB: 1.6 mm Hotswap PCB, QMK & VIA compatible
    • Colors: Silver, Gunmetal, & Black
    • Foam: Poron Foam for the plate and the case for better sound dampening

    Each Dymium65 will include:

    • Premium Anodized  top and bottom case.
    • Sandblasted Brass Weight
    • 1x Rotary knob
    • QMK & VIA Compatible, Hotswap PCB (Black)
    • Aluminum Plate
    • Polycarbonate Plate
    • 12x Gasket Pads
    • Silicone Rubber Feet
    • 6x Weight Screws
    • 1x Sound-Dampening PCB-Case foam
    • 1x Sound-Dampening PCB-Plate foam

*** Keycaps, Switches, and Stabilizers are not included ***




Solder PCB coming soon!

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