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Flex Cut Plugs

Flex Cut Plugs

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Introducing our Silicon Flex Cut Plugs, the perfect solution to enhance your Dymium 65 keyboard experience. Specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the flex cuts on your PCB, these plugs serve a dual purpose – reducing unwanted noise and preserving the subtle flex that makes typing a joy.

Crafted with precision
, our Silicon Flex Cut Plugs are tailored to fit snugly, providing effective sound dampening without compromising on the flexibility of your keyboard. Say goodbye to distracting clatter and hello to a quieter, more enjoyable typing experience.

Whether you
're in the midst of an intense gaming session or working on a crucial project, these plugs ensure that every keystroke is accompanied by a satisfying feel without the unnecessary noise. Elevate your typing game with our Silicon Flex Cut Plugs.
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